• Vishnu Vardhani Rajan

    Body Philosopher

  • Artist Statement

    My only instrument is my Body. Curiosity is my defining character. Religions, gods, metaphors, myths, rituals: my curiosities, which are as endless as the ever expanding human mind.

    I dance, I move, I yoga, I emote. I exercise an interpersonal and intra-personal intelligence. I'm gifted with bodily-kinesthetic and linguistic intelligence. I strive to improve spatial intelligence.

    I wear my vulnerability as my strength. My aspiration in life is to bring the very essential lessons I have learned: feminism, gender awareness, equality, racial inclusivity to my immediate human companions.

    My current mission is to keep my underground spirit even as I surface exposing myself.


    Script, Choreography, Performance

    Tiger Dance

    Script, Choreography, Performance

    Garden of Delights

    Script, Choreography, Performance


    Script, Choreography, Performance

    Rouge et Noir

    Script, Choreography, Performance

    The Other

    Script, Choreography, Performance

    Baltic Spice

    Script, Choreography, Performance


    Script, Choreography, Performance

    The Crossing

    Script, Choreography, Performance

    SH The Superhero!

    Mask Making, Script, Choreography, Performance

    Against Stereotypes

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    Script, Choreography, Performance

    I am Indian

    Script, Choreography, Performance

    Hyderabadi Street Delights

    Script, Choreography, Performance

    Vieraanvaraisuuden Väri

    Script, Choreography, Performance

  • Utti

    The 'Utti', similar to the South American Pinata, is a social game where the players vie to strike down a coveted prize as it tactfully pulled just out of their reach. Hailing from South India, and specifically from the state of Telangana, Utti is a game usually exclusive to the 'privileged' masculine gender of my Indian society - as men are generally assumed privy to possession of the strength and skill essential for reaching high up and striking out at 'the goal'! - a preserve apparently exclusive to the 'Testostostronal'.


    'Utti' to me is an ancient, unconscious and un-acknowledged social consensus at play - for in play is our collective and individual guard the lowest, our vulnerability to belief and its reinforcement the highest. It is such games of religiously endorsed non-verbal communication that reinforce the power play of 'genderized' daily life in countries such as India, and where the boundaries lay in the realms of caste, class and status by birth.

    In my performance entitled 'Utti' I appropriate this Indian game to explore metaphysical, subliminal aspects of the societies that I originate from and also live in, while also expressing elements of my deeply personal journey up o this point. I open up in my presentation elements of my intersectionality, my religious mix, my place in context of different color spectrum, class, caste, gender and intelligence.

  • Tiger Dance

    MY performance Tiger dance is my appropriation of the street dance performed by men in the (now) state of Telangana. Just as so many attributes that are exclusive to men, freedom to be on the streets almost barechested, smeared with colour, displaying virility, aggression, throwing a challenge defying the fellow competents.


    It's performed for the celebrations of the Goddess Mahankali.

    The powerful Goddess protected by the mortal men who clear out the streets announcing the arrival of the Goddess. Does a Goddess really need protection ? What if She herself performs the dance of aggression ???

  • Garden of Delights

    I have been on stage all my life, as life is my stage.

    To act is to explore aspects of oneself openly allowing those aspects to surface and to be criticized, corrected and yet staying impersonal, while making numerous real, deep connections. I portrayed the role of a TV anchor, whose only pursuit is to up her career.

  • Movement

    A playful performance that elevates the basic human need for movement to it's rightful place in the cosmos.

    Moving to survive

  • Rouge et Noir

    An experimentation with masks and the act of masking myself to myself and to the world.


    Chère Jeanne Mas, En rouge et noir moi aussi je veux aussi exiler ma peur, En rouge et noir, mes luttes mes faiblesses je les portent comme mes bijoux

  • The Other

    The other : Belonging I once thought was essential to my mental health and my overall happiness. While I other myself too, calling it differentiating myself from you, a show of self-invidualisation, a performance of my uniqueness.

    I stand here as I birthed the question - Do I want to belong or recognized ? Do I want you to embrace me as a part of the whole or the other ?

  • Baltic Spice

    Exploring the local ingredients version Helsinki. Cooking Wild.

    A full meal

    Ihana Kahvila was our performance arena to showcase the food we cooked with the wild ingredients.


  • Foxie

    The whole time I have the mask on, I look upon myself, casting an eye of curiosity, It always feels good. Uncovering aspects of me through disguise.

  • The Crossing

    Hyderabad, a twin city is expanding, Hi-Tech City new addition to Hyderabad.The tech-Businesses engulfing the city. Development bringing more revenue to you all. But I have a question; Where do I go ? My entire tribe ? My cows ? Where will they graze ?

  • SH

    I present to you my SuperHero - SH

    Portraying to be a superhero entails bigger social responsibilities even if I do not possess any superpowers.

  • Against Stereotypes

    An interactive public performance to spark conversations between strangers on the Helsinki metro.

  • Samsaara

    To be part of some fun projects is a luxury.

  • I Am Indian

    I am Vishnu, I am Indian.

    I am natural born to the a called India, The Native.

    I am natural to this body, The Leader.

  • Hyderabadi Street Delights

    Vishnu's street kitchen evolved into a mini-festival. Aleksi and Janne doing some dirrrty rap.. sure hope the kids in the nearby cookie stand didn't understand English yet.

  • Vieraanvaraisuuden Väri

    An interactive public performance to spark conversations between strangers on the Helsinki metro.

  • Maria Inkoo - Telling the stories of Maria

    Text to come